Christmas at Macy’s

A Guide to Macy's Santa Land

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New York is the perfect place to go shopping during the holidays. With more than 10.000 visitors daily, Christmas at Macy’s is an incredible experience. From stunning holiday windows on Herald Square to Santaland and the famous Holiday Lane on the  9th floor, Macy’s got you covered. 

Macy’s Holiday Celebration is one of a kind and something you have to see when you’re visiting New York City. It’s a whole experience for the entire family and one of my favorite things to do during the holidays in NYC.

Christmas at Macy’s: Macy’s Santaland

You are visiting NYC and are wondering where can I see Santa in Manhattan? Every year, Macy’s Santaland is the main highlight of Macy’s Christmas celebrations. The history of Santaland goes back to 1861 when the store advertised that Santa Claus would come to stock their counters with the finest and most special Christmas gifts. Fast forward to today, close to 200,000 Santa fans are visiting Santaland at Macy’s every season.

The movie Miracle on 34th Street in 1947 helped Macy’s Santa become the most famous Santa in the world. 

In order to meet Santa Claus at Macy’s, you will have to make a reservation online. As you can imagine, Santaland is very popular and it’s not only a children’s dream to meet famous Santa Claus in New York in person. It’s actually one of my favorite things to do during Christmas in New YorkYou can make a reservation starting on November 25. Once you arrive at your date with Santa, a special elf will take you through Macy’s Santa Land and greet you with the Big Guy.

You can expect multiple Santas on duty in private rooms. All preserving the illusion of one true St. Nick. There won’t be a lot of time with Santa, but the kids are never rushed. There is plenty of time to share the entire wish list before posing for a family photo with Santa.
In case you’re wondering if Macy’s Santaland is free? Yes, it is. You only have to pay for the photos taking with Santa Claus, if you like them. And one advice from my end: Go early to beat the crowds!

When is Santaland at Macy’s?

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Santaland at Macy’s starts on Friday, Nov. 29 – Tue, Dec. 24. Reservations can be booked anywhere from 30 minutes to five days ahead of time.

Where is Santa in Macy’s?

You can find Santa on the 8th Floor, across from Au Bon Pain.

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Holiday Lane at Macy’s in New York

After visiting the 13,000-square-foot Santaland make sure to check out the Holiday Lane at Macy’s on the 9th floor. Here you can find the most amazing Christmas Decorations. Macy’s is very popular for its Holiday Lane at Herald Square. Shop some of the most glittery Christmas Tree decorations, memories that will last for a lifetime.

There are magnificent ornaments like Yellow Cabs or special ornaments that say “New York 2019”. My family loves the ornaments because that’s how I can bring a little bit of New York City back home on our Christmas tree in Germany. The Holiday Lane at Macy’s starts mid-November until Christmas. In case you didn’t know, we have a complete NYC shopping guide ready for you so that you won’t get lost after leaving Macy’s at Herald Square.

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stephanie fellows

We’re heading to NYC but don’t arrive until late on Christmas day. I realize we’ll miss Santa but will the Holiday Lane still be open on December 26th/27th?


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