Believe, Do, Succeed

Asserting a strong belief in your ideas, skills, and contributions can strengthen your resolve to persevere through challenges. In this episode, speakers shared stoires and strategies to build career confidence and respond to criticism and skepticism.


Air Date: March 18, 2020

Season:  2020

Episode:  2

Speakers: Canan Dagdeviren (MIT Media Lab), Megan Eddings (Accel Lifestyle)

Recognizing your value and feeling confident that you have the skills and knowledge to succeed in an engineering profession can strengthen your resolve and help you persevere through challenges.

In this session, our speakers discuss strategies you can use to build career confidence, respond to criticism and skepticism, and assert a strong belief in your ideas, skills, and contributions, and then join us for a live Q&A session.

About the speakers

Canan Dagdeviren, LG Career Development Professor of Media Arts and Sciences
MIT Media Lab

Canan Dagdeviren joined MIT in January 2017 to direct the new Conformable Decoders research group at the MIT Media Lab. The creates mechanically adaptive electromechanical systems that can intimately integrate with the target object for sensing, actuation, and energy harvesting, among other applications. Dagdeviren believes that vital information from nature and the human body is ‘coded’ in various forms of physical patterns. Her research focuses on the creation of conformable decoders that can ‘decode’ these patterns into beneficial signals and/or energy. Dagdeviren’s work has been recognized by various prestigious media outlets, such as the Smithsonian, BBC News, New Scientist, Medical Daily, IEEE Spectrum, and Forbes. In 2015, Dagdeviren was named to the “Top 30 Under 30 in Science” by Forbes.

Megan Eddings, Founder and CEO
Accel Lifestyle

Megan Eddings is a creative chemist and entrepreneur. After completing her education in biochemistry and over a decade working as an internationally-recognized sales representative for Fortune 500 companies, Megan went on to become the Founder and CEO of Accel Lifestyle, the first ethical fitness apparel brand for people who sweat and want to smell fresh. Megan spent three years developing Prema, the smell-repelling fabric Accel is known for and is now patent pending in 120 countries. She considers herself a “positivity enthusiast” and loves to inspire and motivate others to be persistent and resilient.

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