From Mindset To Management: Transforming From The Inside-Out

In this episode of the Persist Series, we dive into how both employees and organizations can leverage their own stories to make necessary changes that reflect their core values in lasting, sustainable ways.


Air Date: November 10, 2021

Season:  2021

Episode:  8

Speakers: Gayathri Shukl (Campfire Kinship), Madhu Seera (City of Calgary), Cassandra Polyzou (Engineers Canada)

Host: Andronica Klaas (Facebook)

Q&A Moderator:  Vanessa Raponi (Spin Master)

What mindset or practices can be helpful for working toward your personal growth, and ability to persevere through challenges? How can centering empathy and inclusion create benefits for companies and employees? What allows for institutions to meet needs at a person-to-person level?

We take a look at these questions and more to think about how we can work from the inside out to make lasting personal and organizational change.

About the speakers

Gayathri Shukla, Founder
Campfire Kinship

Gayathri is an engineer, writer, speaker, and certified instructor in a method of storytelling, known as guided autobiography. She believes in the power of empathy to celebrate diversity and foster a culture of inclusion. Starting out as an engineer in a remote town in Alberta, Canada, Gayathri quickly found that she looked pretty different from the typical engineer. In her own words, “I soon realized that diversity is a competitive advantage – and I got really honest with myself about my strengths and challenges.” Now, her aim is to leverage empathy and build bridges with others across their differences. She founded Campfire Kinship to do just that – offering storytelling services to foster belonging from the individual to the institutional level.

Madhu Seera, Manager, Transportation Strategy
City of Calgary

A transportation engineer and manager for the City of Calgary, Madhu takes a citizen-focused approach to public service, with an eye for people-focused leadership and strengths in diversity.

Cassandra Polyzou, Manager of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Engineers Canada

As the Manager, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Cassandra works on strategies and partnerships that promote the recruitment and retention of women in engineering and supports increased Indigenous Peoples’ participation in engineering. Previous to Engineers Canada, Cassandra worked for Environmental Defence on their Toxic Nation campaign, where she helped successfully ban Bisphenol A from consumer products in Canada. She has over a fifteen years experience in community engagement on social justice, and diversity, equity and inclusion issues.

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