The High Line Park in New York City

What to know before visiting the High Line in NYC

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The High Line is an elevated rail line that has been repurposed as a public green space that opened in 2009. The park runs down Manhattans Westside from Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking District to West 34th Street, between 10th and 12th Avenues (Hudson Yards). While visiting the High Line you can walk through the gardens, view art, experience a performance, enjoy food or beverage or connect with friends and neighbors. All while enjoying a unique perspective of New York City.

Is the High Line open?

High Line in New York City

Beginning July 16, 2020, the High Line will be open seven days a week again, from 12:00 p.m. — 8:00 p.m. each day. The High Line was closed due to Covid-19. You can enter the High Line only at Gansevoort Street. Staircases at 14th, 16th, 20th, and 23rd Streets will be exit-only, as will the elevators at 14th and 23rd Streets, except for people with mobility access needs.

The park, built on old elevated freight train tracks, will only be open between Gansevoort and 23rd Streets as for now because these are the widest sections of the High Line.

Where does the Highline begin and end?

Originating in the Meatpacking District, the park runs from Gansevoort Street – three blocks below 14th Street – through Chelsea to the northern edge of the West Side Yard on 34th Street near the Javits Center. The High Line is wheelchair accessible.

Where are the entrances to the High Line?

Right now, after their reopening on July 16th the foot traffic will run in only one direction from one entrance—north, from Gansevoort Street, with exits at 14th, 16th, 20th, and 23rd Streets. (Elevators at 14th Street and 23rd Streets are open as an entrance for those with accessibility needs.) Normally, these are the entrances of the High Line.

  • Gansevoort Street 14th Street (elevator access)
  • 16th Street (elevator access)
  • 18th Street
  • 20th Street
  • 23rd Street (elevator access)
  • 26th Street
  • 28th Street
  • 29th Street (elevator access)
  • 30th Street
  • 34th Street (elevator access)

How long does it take to walk the Highline?

High Line in New York City

A walk on the High Line in New York City will take you about 30 Minutes. So how long is the High Line? Foot traffic on the 1.45 mile-long (2.3 km) elevated rail structure will flow north, in one direction, to 23rd Street.

Is the High Line free?

The High Line Park in NYC is free and open again since July 16th with social distancing and an emphasis on free timed-entry reservations. Reservations are needed now to make sure that the High Line is able to work in a reduced capacity. On a typical beautiful weekend day, the High Line could see 40,000 visitors a day (peaking at 60,000 on some days). However, now there will only be a few thousand allowed to maintain social distancing and enough space for the visitors.

How and when can I reserve my free entry time for the High Line?

Free passes will be made available through Eventbrite. The first batch of timed-entry passes, for visits between July 16 and July 26, will be made available starting July 9 at 10 am EDT. Following the initial launch, passes will be made available for the following two weeks every Monday, starting on July 20 at 10 am. Please keep in mind that it is recommended but not mandatory to wear a mask on the High Line. We strongly encourage you to do so.

Get a free pass

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What was the high line before?

High Line NYC

The High Line is both a nonprofit organization and a public park on the West Side of Manhattan. Through their amazing work with communities on and off the High Line, they are devoted to reimagining public spaces to create connected, healthy neighborhoods and cities. Back in the days, the High Line was an elevated rail line, but the High Line was always intended to be more than a park.

Guided Tours through the High Line Park

Guided tours through the High Line have become popular over the years, due to the unknown secrets & history locals can tell tourists about the High Line. This is our list of the best tours for the High Line in New York City:

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