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Manhattan’s Central Park Zoo is one of the oldest in the country, first opening on its current site in 1861. In the 1980s, the Wildlife Conservation Society assumed management of the park under a contract with the City of New York and completed a dramatic five year transformation. Since reopening in 1988, our mission has been to engage future generations of conservationists and create wildlife champions.

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7 Acres

Central Park Zoo comprises 7 acres in Central Park, Manhattan

23 Waterfowl Species

The zoo currently has 23 species of waterfowl on exhibit

74 Penguins

The number of chinstrap, gentoo, macaroni, and king penguins swimming daily in Polar Circle

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Photo Credit: © WCS

The zoo is open every day of the year and features three major biomes: the Tropic Zone, Temperate Territory, and the Polar Circle. From tropical birds, to snow leopards, grizzly bears, and one of the nation’s largest colonies of Antarctic penguins, there are animals to enjoy in every season. We also feature the Tisch Children’s Zoo, a playful adventure for our youngest guests who’ll encounter goats, sheep, some of the world’s most unique ducks, and the only cow who calls Manhattan home. Our goal is to inspire our visitors and connect them to the plight of animals in the wild and the conservation work we’re doing to protect them.

The Wildlife Conservation Society’s network of five urban wildlife parks headquartered at Bronx Zoo have inspired and educated more than 400 million guests since first opening. Join our mission with a visit to the park during your next trip to NYC.

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